Papers Under Review

The Slaughter of the Bison and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains (with Rob Gillezeau and Maggie Jones). (Revise and Resubmit at Review of Economic Studies)  Online Appendix.

Illuminating Economic Development in Indigenous Communities (with Rob Gillezeau and Maggie Jones) (Revise and Resubmit at Canadian Journal of Economics)


“The Price of Mortgage Financing for Native Americans.” (with Laura Cattaneo). Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy. (forthcoming) 

“Repaying a Debt? The Performance of Morrill Act University Beneficiaries as Measured by Native Enrollment and Graduation Rates,” (with Maggie Jones) Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Journal. (Invited article in peer reviewed journal, forthcoming).

Gender Ratios on First Nations Reserves in Canada (with Randall Akee) Canadian Studies in Population (April 2020: 1-15).

Indian Residential Schools, Height, and Body Mass Post-1930 (with M. Chris Auld) Canadian Journal of Economics (forthcoming).

​Formerly titled “The Long-run Effects of Residential Schooling on Height and Body Weight,”

Introduction of Formal Child Care Services in Inuit Communities and Labour Force Outcomes (with Jasmin Thomas) Canadian Public Policy (2019, Volume 45, Number 4: 428-459).

First People Lost: The State of Status First Nations Mortality in Canada using Administrative Data (with Randall Akee)  Canadian Journal of Economics (May 2019, Volume 52, Number 2).

Portions of this paper are included in “Excess Mortality, Institutionalization and Homelessness among Status Indians in Canada” (with Randall Akee). 


Return to the Homeland? The Impact of the Great Recession on Employment Outcomes and Labor Mobility for Native Americans (with Rob Gillezeau) Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy  (September 2018, Volume 1, Number 2, pp. 60-7).


Estimating Institutionalization and Homelessness for Status Indians in Canada: A Method and Implications (with Randall Akee) The International Indigenous Policy Journal (2018, Volume 9, Number 4, pp. 1-28).

Portions of this paper are included in “Excess Mortality, Institutionalization and Homelessness among Status Indians in Canada” (with Randall Akee). 


“Answering the Call: An Empirical Social Scientist’s Guide to Reconciliation” (with Robert Hancock). Canadian Public Policy (September 2016, Volume 42, Number 3, pp. 350-365).


“The Intergenerational Effect of Forcible Assimilation Policy on School Performance.” The International Indigenous Policy Journal (2016, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp.1-44).


 “The Long-Term Effects of Forcible Assimilation Policy: The Case of Indian Boarding Schools,” Canadian Journal of Economics (May 2016, Volume 49, Number 2, pp. 433-480). 


“Weak Identification in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Designs.” (with Vadim Marmer and Thomas Lemieux). Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. (April 2016, Volume 34, Number 2, pp. 185-196. [Posted online April 2015]).


 Size, Structure, and Change: Exploring the Sources of Aboriginal Earnings Gaps in 1995 and 2005, Canadian Public Policy (2013, Volume 32, Number 2, pp 309-334).

Works in Progress and Working Papers

"The Effects of Christian Missions for Indigenous Peoples in the United States," (with Maggie Jones and David Scoones).


"The Determinants and Impacts of Historical Treaty-Making in Canada" (with Maggie Jones and Rob Gillezeau)


"The Promise of Foreign Direct Investment: Experimental Evidence from the First Bank in a Native Nation" (with Rachel Wellhausen and Calvin Thrall)

"The Distributional Impacts of Targeted Labour Market Programming: Evidence from the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy" (with Kelly Foley and Maggie Jones)


"The Impact of Access to Collective Bargaining Rights on Policing and Civilian Deaths" (with Jamein Cunningham and Rob Gillezeau)

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